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The Indian Sandalwood nut oil


(Santalum Album)

This Golden carrier oil has a very very rare natural fatty acid called Ximenynic acid. This natural blend of nourishing and emollient properties of Oleic acid and Ximenynic acid provides a unique combination that is safe to apply directly on to the skin. It is non sticky and very smooth on to the skin, making it a very desirable constituent in Cosmetics. Ximenynic acid is well known for its Pharmacological properties.

Botanical name: Santalum Album Seeds
Parts of the plant: Seeds
Appearance: A clear yellow to golden yellow transparent free flowing liquid.
Extraction Process: Super Critical Fluid Extraction or Co2 Extraction


Sandalwood Nut Oil is derived from the seed of the Sandalwood tree (Santalum Album), as opposed to the Sandalwood essential oil, which is from the wood of the tree.


We recently discovered a new, unique and innovative natural carrier oil extracted using SCFE technology, (Super Critical Fluid Extraction) or Co2 Extraction, Sandalwood nut oil maintaining the composition and characteristics of the natural sandalwood seed kernel, while removing the undesired proteins and waxes to produce the highest quality, clean sandalwood nut oil.

Pharmacological properties of Ximenynic acid

  • Potent anti-inflammatory agent
  • Increase micro-circulation in skin.
  • Micro vascular constriction to reduce Varicose veins and Cellulitis.
  • Reduce hair loss
  • Reduce sebum secretion (oily skin)
  • Reduce fat deposition under skin (Adipose tissue)
  • Generally, protects skin
  • Heals sores, skin lesions, and burns
  • Cures Varicose veins and cellulitis

Further sandalwood nut oil

  • Is a natural treatment for both dry skin and aging skin since it increases the moisture levels and can improve protection against Fine Lines and Wrinkles and stimulates blood circulation, also improves skin elasticity, astringent effect causing skin to look a bit tighter.
  • Reduces enlarged pores, distension and discoloration of the skin.
  • Sandalwood nut oil readily accepts essential oils being mixed with it.
  • Sandalwood nut oil can be used as a straight massage oil or a blend with other massage oils.
  • Sandalwood nut oil can be used for cosmetic formulations soaps, body lotion, body butter, lip balm, massage oils it is an excellent emollient, it spreads smoothly and evenly.

The Golden sandalwood nut oil is very quickly absorbed by the skin and has a very very faint nutty odour and it does NOT have the fragrance of Sandalwood heart wood.

Comparison between Australian n sandalwood nut oil and
Indian Sandalwood nut oil.

It has been found that the Indian Sandalwood nut oil has a very high content of Ximenynic acid.

The other fatty acids are in a range of 0.2% to 3.5% only much on the lower levels.