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Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil

(Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) or CO2 Extraction)

Botanical name: Triticum Vulgare
Parts of the plant: Seeds / Flakes
Appearance: Yellow ish Orange Colour Oil
Extraction Process: Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) or CO2


The term “Germ” in wheat germ often gives an impression of a bacteria or something similar but here Germ stands for Germination. Wheat Germ is a very small part of the grain of wheat, approximately 2.5% of the grain weight. It is the most nutrient rich part of wheat. Wheat Germ has two components

  • Wheat Germ Oil.
  • Defatted Wheat Germ.


Wheat germ oil is nutrient rich oil derived from the germ of wheat kernel using Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) or CO2 extraction process. There are many fatty acids, saturated fatty alcohols like octacosanol and many vitamins and minerals in this oil. It is known for its high content of Vitamin E (tocopherols) which provides many health benefits. It contains linoleic acid (omega 6) essential fatty acids, oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic and linolenic acid (omega 3 EFA). There are many other fatty acids also present in it in small quantities and the molecular length of the fatty acids is larger than in coconut oil. Wheat Germ Oil has a concentration of approximately 18.14% saturated, 17.58% monounsaturated, and 62.08% polyunsaturated fatty acids.


C16 : 0 palmitic Acid – 17.30 %; C18 : 1 Oleic Acid – 13.69 %; C18 : 0 Stearic Acid – 0.52 %; C18 : 2 Linoleic Acid – 59.75 %; C18 : 3 Linoleic Acid (Alpha) – 6.85 %; C20 : 1 Eicosenoic Acid – 1.16 %

Usage :

Wheat Germ Oil can be used internally and externally. Wheat germ Co2 oil is used widely in salads because of its nutty taste and it is excellent for hair because it is ceramide oil. Ceramide oil present in wheat germ oil creates a protective barrier around the hair shaft and holds the moisture and protein needed for the hair and also protect the hair from heat damage and UV rays. It works as a natural sunscreen for the hair and protect the hair from the damages caused because of strong heat during summer. It prevents the damage to the cuticle layers of the hair. Wheat germ Co2 oil is widely sued for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It is used to heal burns and skin ulcers and also an external application for dry skin. It improves the circulation of blood in the skin when used externally and helps the damaged skin cells caused due to the heat of the sun. This oil is ideal for skin conditions like dermatitis and reduces scarring on the skin. Wheat germ oil is used in products such as foods, biological insect control agents, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic formulations. Vitamin E can also be incorporated in Soft Gelatin Capsules (Softgels)


Wheat Germ Oil is rich in Vitamin ‘E’. The SCFE extracted oil has Vitamin E up to 320 mg per 100g of oil hi gher than any other natural oil, i.e., 4.515 IU of tocopherol.

The Benefits of Vitamin E Oil Are:

  • It is an Antioxidant and has Anti-aging properties Used in hair loss treatments and helps in treating hair thinning
  • When applied on face it tightens face skin
  • Increases the moisture levels of hair
  • Reduces Bad Cholesterol
  • Repairs Tissue and prevents Skin Problems
  • Boosts Energy levels
  • Regulates Nervous System
  • Prevents Birth Defects
  • Fights Fat Accumulation
  • Promotes Blood Sugar levels
  • Improves Overall Health.

Highest Content of Vitamin A and D

When compared to other vegetable oils, wheat germ Co2 oil has the richest source of Vitamin E and apart from this it has the highest content of vitamin A and vitamin D. It is rich in protein and lecithin and is ideal to use on the skin also.

Good for Car diovascular Functions

Wheat germ Co2 oil is excellent in improving the overall working of the heart and octacosanol and policosanol present in the oil improves cardiovascular functions. Poilcosanol present in the oil controls the production of cholesterol by the liver. It raises the level of good cholesterol and reduces the level of bad cholesterol. The antioxidants properties of the oil prevent the skin from bearing the signs of premature aging and it is ideal to use it along with other carrier oils. Octacosanol present in the oil boosts the performance of athletes because it boosts the endurance and muscle strength in athletes.